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What is the use of polyethylene wax?


Polyethylene wax is divided into powder, white small beads, sheet by polyethylene cracking or ethylene monomer polymerization processing and formed, with low viscosity, high softening point, good hardness and other properties, non-toxic, good thermal stability, low high temperature volatility, dispersion of pigment, both excellent external lubrication, It also has strong internal lubrication, which can improve the production efficiency of plastic processing. It has good moisture resistance, strong chemical resistance and excellent electrical performance, which can improve the appearance of finished products.

Specific use of polyethylene wax

1. In color master processing as internal dispersant, widely used in polyethylene hydrocarbon color masterbatch.

2.PVC profile, pipe, pipe fittings,PE.PP molding process to do pigment dispersant, lubricant and brightening agent, enhance plastic. To improve the toughness and surface smoothness of plastic products.

3. Do ink, paint, especially road sign paint, marking paint dispersant, brightening agent, has a good anti-settlement effect, so that the products have a good luster and three-dimensional sense.

4. Used in all kinds of hot melt adhesive, thermosetting powder coating,PVC compound stabilizer production.

5. Widely used in floor wax, glazing wax, candle in line with the production of various wax products, improve the softening point of wax products, increase its strength and surface gloss.

6. In the rubber industry, improve the surface brightness and smoothness of the product after removing the film, reduce the amount of paraffin and reduce the production cost.


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