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What is the difference between fischer-tropsch wax and polyethylene wax


Fischer-tropler waxes are mainly composed of straight chain, saturated high carbon alkanes with relative molecular weight between 500 and 1000, which gives the chemical its fine crystal structure, high melting point, narrow melting point range, low oil content, low penetration, low mobility, low melt viscosity, hardness, wear resistance, and high stability.

Compared with the general polyethylene wax (PE wax), fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax and PE wax are significantly different in that:

1 molecular weight. Fischer-tropsch wax molecular weight is much lower than PE wax, branch chain is less, high crystallinity, easy to infiltrate high viscosity macromolecular chain, significantly reduce melt viscosity, small migration in the process of processing, late lubrication effect is obvious.

(2) Fischer-troph wax is saturated direct alkanes without double bonds. It has strong oxidation resistance and good weather resistance.

The viscosity of fettell wax is much lower than that of PE wax. Only about 10. Less amount can achieve the same lubrication effect. The usage is only 70-80% of PE wax. Fischer-tropsch wax and PVC compatibility is good, as internal and external lubricants can be competent. It can be used as a good internal lubricant to effectively control shear conditions, promote flow, control friction and melt properties, thereby improving thermal stability. At the same time, because of its high crystallinity and high linearity, fischer-Tropsch wax PVC products to obtain good physical and processing properties. According to the needs, fischer-Tropsch process can synthesize alkanes with different chain lengths to change the molecular weight of the final product and form a series of products.

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