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Electromechanical machining requirements and characteristics of graphite electrodes


Electrode Fabrication


Professional graphite electrode production is mainly made of high-speed machine tools to process, machine tool stability is good, three axis movement to uniform stability without vibration, but also like the spindle these rotary accuracy should be as good as possible. For general machine tools can also complete the processing of the electrode, but the preparation of the knife path process and copper electrode is different.


2.EDM discharge machining


Graphite electrodes are carbon electrodes. Because of the good conductivity of graphite, a lot of time can be saved in the discharge machining, which is also one of the reasons for using graphite as an electrode.


3. Processing characteristics of graphite electrode


Industrial graphite is hard and brittle, in the C N C processing of the tool wear is more serious, it is generally recommended to use carbide or diamond coated tools. Graphite in rough machining tool can be directly in the workpiece up and down the knife, finishing in order to avoid the collapse Angle, fragmentation, often use light knife fast way of processing. In general, when the cut depth is less than 0.2mm, the graphite rarely crumble, and the side wall surface quality will be better. The dust produced during CNC processing of graphite electrode is relatively large, which may invade the guide screw and spindle of the machine tool, etc., which requires the graphite processing machine tool to have the corresponding device to deal with graphite dust, and the sealing property of the machine tool is also better, because graphite is toxic.

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